Employee Standards

The quality of an organization is judged by the quality of its employees. To ensure that PVH consistently maintains the high standards of quality that our patients deserve, all employees are expected to practice and adhere to the following Standards of  Professionalism. These standards were developed by a group representing the entire organization in order to establish uniformity and accountability, making us the best provider and employer of choice. Read more here.

Employee Standards of Professionalism


  • Present a clean, professional, well-groomed image following our dress code.
  • Wear an identification badge in a visible place above the waist at all times.
  • Smile and make eye contact when approaching a customer or co-worker.
  • Keep our work environment clean.

Attitude and Respect

  • Provide the highest quality service with care and courtesy.
  • Treat one another as professionals with honesty and respect.
  • Exceed expectations at all times.
  • Welcome newcomers.
  • Display a positive attitude at work at all times.
  • Be polite and customer-focused.

Commitment to PVH Team

  • Cooperate with and support one another; praise whenever possible.
  • Address concerns and conflicts with co-workers first. If there is not a satisfactory outcome, contact your supervisor.
  • Be a role model.

Commitment to Customers

  • Treat patients and families as members of the health care team involving them in discussions and decisions about their plan of care.
  • Observe customers. If someone appears to need directions, offer to assist and take the customer to his or her destination.
  • Respond to customer requests.  If you cannot meet the request, relay the message to someone who can and notify the customer of what you have done.
  • Acknowledge a customer’s presence immediately and apologize if they have been waiting.
  • Remove from our vocabulary “That’s not my job” and “We are short staffed.”
  • Park in identified employee parking.
  • Be aware of fire and safety emergency procedures and report any security risks or safety hazards immediately.

Commitment to Community

  • Seek opportunities to benefit our community.


  • Listen and respond with empathy.
  • Utilize resources and technology to enhance communication.
  • Introduce yourself by name and role.
  • Use common courtesy (please/thank-you) in all conversations.
  • Anticipate, explain, and apologize for any delays.


  • Ensure that patient information is kept confidential at all times and is not discussed in any public place.
  • Protect privacy, dignity, and modesty at all times.

Empowerment/ Ownership

  • Take pride in the organization as if you own it.
  • Take ownership upon receiving a customer complaint; you are empowered to make the customer happy.
  • Accept responsibility and be accountable for your own actions.
  • Set goals; take steps to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of our organization.
  • Live the values of this organization at work and in the community.