Swing Bed Program

What is the Swing Bed Program?

During your acute stay in the hospital, you may progress to a point where your doctor no longer needs to monitor or treat you on a daily basis, but you still need the daily services of other healthcare professionals. This is skilled nursing care and your doctor can make arrangements for you to remain in the hospital at this skilled level of care. At PVH, skilled services are delivered through our Swing Bed Program.

Benefits of the Swing Bed Program at PVH:

  • A hospital physician will monitor your care and progress.
  • Diagnostic services are available onsite.
  • The same nursing and rehabilitative staff will continue to work with you as you recover.
  • Great meals and social activities
  • Closer to home and family
  • Private rooms
  • Compassionate care

What qualifies you for the Swing Bed Program?

  • Rehabilitation needs such as physical, occupational or speech therapy;
  • Monitoring by healthcare professionals;
  • Teaching needs for the management of your medical condition or medication use such as diabetes, insulin use, etc.;
  • Wound care with special needs
  • IV therapy or nutrition therapy
  • Recovery from major surgery
  • Mobility training and strengthening to keep you safe at home;
  • A terminal diagnosis needing around-the-clock care.

How to access the Swing Bed Program at PVH:

A team of professional staff assists your physician in making arrangements with you and your family for skilled care. Even if you are receiving acute care in another hospital, you can still be referred to the Swing Bed Program at PVH.

The Swing Bed Program at PVH includes:

  • Care by physical, occupational, and speech therapists who are trained to develop a plan to meet rehabilitative needs and restorative goals;
  • Access to professional services such as social work, case management, and discharge planning;
  • Daily planned activities designed to break up routine schedules;
  • Licensed cosmetologist availability;
  • An approach based on support and acceptance that encourages patients and their families to participate in care together;
  • Family meetings with all healthcare providers (as needed);
  • Therapeutic meals for people with special dietary needs and assessment by a registered dietitian for dietary needs of each patient;
  • An activity room with comfortable furnishings and natural light;
  • Liberal visiting hours that include children and pets;
  • Complete handicap accessibility;
  • Daily ongoing nursing assessment of medical care needs.

You have a choice in where you receive Swing Bed Services – speak up and ask your physician for a referral!

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